We Help You Manage Your Business

Circle Intranet is a cloud-hosted intranet that helps you manage your business. Improve communication between your employees, staff and board using our simple intranet dashboard. Post news, send private messages, send e-mail and create events. Integrate with 3rd party services such as Google Calendar, Google Drive and MailChimp. Import or export your staff or other data at any time. See below for more on each feature, or contact us to suggest your own.

Dead Easy Dashboard

A simple and minimalist user interface with menus on the left, search at the top and sidebar widgets. From here you can use the top post box to share news, files or events.  You can add new users to the dashboard by inviting them via e-mail. Widgets on the right side column can be dragged and dropped where you would like them.


Post news or links, format them with the HTML editor and share instantly across your organization.


Privately message staff in real-time by selecting the recipient in the right-hand column.  Notifications will show at the top of the Dashboard and recipients will receive an e-mail with the user photo and message.


Create and share events and display by day, week or month views. You can also pull in events from one of your selected Google Calendars so you can view in the Dashboard.


Import or export employees, volunteers, staff, board or other people and view detailed profiles which include title, department, biographies and more.  Donor information for fundraising programs such as donation amounts and a description for in-kind donations is available.


Circle Intranet enables you to create your own custom-branded front-end pages to collect payments or donations for your business or cause. We provide user tested mobile device optimized donation options to maximize contributions via the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe also allows your donors to use Bitcoin as a payment method. And with our MailChimp e-mail integration, you can further manage and boost donations.


We provide an option in your Dashboard to upgrade your standard optimized donation page to a crowdfunding program.  By leveraging social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, you can boost your campaign typically by an average of over 3 times what you would generate normally with just a donation page. By sharing a specific fundraising project or goal, telling a compelling story about your cause and using our optimized donation process, you can increase your donations significantly! Here is what we offer;

  • User tested and optimized donation pages to maximize donation conversions
  • Options for recurring monthly or annual membership donations
  • Donors can make their name and/or donation amount anonymous or post comments
  • Donation pages can include embedded videos, such as Youtube
  • Canadian or US currencies and BitCoin are accepted currently
  • All donations have full tax receipt information for registered US 501(3)(c) or Canadian nonprofits
  • Donor information can be downloaded at any time to a CSV (comma separated value) file
  • MailChimp integration to e-mail donors thank you messaging or ongoing communications
  • Goal tracking, as well as the number of supporters, shares and days left.
  • Social sharing options include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, E-mail or via shared link.

Circle Fund Crowdfunding

We do not charge any fees for donation or crowdfunding pages! Note, the standard credit card processing fee is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (these are not our fees, they are unavoidable and charged by Stripe who is our processor), but for approved US 501(3)(c) or Canadian registered nonprofits (NPOs) you can apply to have it reduced to 2.2%. You will have to submit an e-mail to Stripe to get this reduced nonprofit rate (usually 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction).  Circle Intranet does not charge any application fees or other charges for your donation or crowdfunding programs (many others deduct 3% to 5% application fees from your donations, such as Razoo or GoFundMe). Those who don’t, e-mail your donors for donations, place prechecked donation boxes on your donor pages or promote/sell advertising on their sites.

To create a donation page, you will need to open your own Stripe account and then enter your Stripe key and secret into your Circle Intranet Dashboard  (menu: Dashboard / Fundraising / E-Commerce – see further below). All funds will then go directly to your Stripe account via your custom donation or crowdfunding page. Other options include import/export abilities for your donor database and automatic delivery of Canadian and US tax receipts. Donations received will automatically populate bar or line charts to display donations.

You can also create your own charts for other data you choose, which will display as sidebar widgets in the dashboard.


Upload images, documents or other files for sharing internally using our File Manager feature.  You can also pull in files from selected folders in your Google Drive account to share with other logged in staff.


Create an unlimited number of separate discussion forums to communicate issues internally where employees can share their thoughts.


Easily manage your to do list using a Kanban (the Japanese word for “visual signal” or “card.”) approach. Our drag and drop interface allows you to create task descriptions, and then move them to the In Progress or Completed columns.