Circle Intranet’s mission is focused exclusively on helping businesses and nonprofits communicate and collaborate more effectively to get work done. Although we are experts in developing customer driven intranets over the past 10 years with over 2,200 clients, our ultimate goal is to help your team work together. We are not a faceless Silicon Valley startup that is funded with corporate investment dollars which charges exorbitant monthly per user per month fees. We are a small ethical shop interested in generating a livable income, and are located in Nelson, British Columbia Canada. We have a small team of dedicated developers with a focus on creating a usable interface for your business or non-profit at the lowest possible price. Circle Intranet will also save your organization time and effort in collecting payments and fundraising.

We use the latest in secure Amazon EC2 servers and optimized code to bring you the fastest user experience possible. We also take your organization’s privacy very seriously.  Our fundraising platform is driven by the needs and feedback from actual board members, staff and volunteers. We encourage you to suggest new features or report issues as they arise.

Providing hard-working staff with recognition, allowing them to securely share files, attend events, and get updates on successes and your mission are all key elements to foster passion, motivation and self-fulfillment. Ensuring staff can monitor targets and programs, and communicate with the board and volunteers in real-time is essential to running a “tight ship”. Board members need to be looped into key staff decisions and programs to ensure the mission is held true. All members need to know that they are personally contributing and making a difference.

We encourage you to contact us to sign up for a free 14 trial account to get started.


Chris Charlwood
CIO/Founder, Circle Intranet